The Day I Started Swearing


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LETTERS TO THE MOON began on a car ride back to Columbus from Athens, Ohio (I think) when Ryan and I made a verbal agreement to sing his songs together as a duo. It must have been 2005 or so. We recorded two acoustic albums. One in 2006, one in 2009. We played lots of shows in lots of states, just the two of us.

Sometime thereafter, we decided to ditch the folk punk scene for American Rock and Roll. New moniker: LETTERS. We say "fuck!"
Add bass: Richard!
Add drums: Starman!
It was a short but very sweet-lived project; a true warm memory during the weirdest time of my life.

Shortly after recording this album, I moved out of Ohio.
We all got busy.
We all got a little weirder.

LETTERS has been unfinished business for 4 years. It waved at me from afar, and it lingered on my mind for four long years. Yet still, I couldn't muster the courage to finish it. I couldn't release it out into the world with a half-ass heart.

Now it's 2014, Ryan turns 30 years old today, and I'm ready with full heart to share this piece of work that we spent so much of our mid-twenties working on. Nearly a decade in the making. Fuck.

Happy Birthday, RJ.

<3 Lisa


released October 23, 2014


Ryan J. Eilbeck - guitar & vocals
Lisa Dorazewski - vocals
Richard Wehrenberg, Jr - bass & guitar
Ryan Starinsky - drums

Recorded by Shane Natalie in the Monster House basement (rip) & Shane Natalie's 100 degree attic (in our underwear) in 2010.

Mixed by Matt Tobey & Shane Natalie
Mastered by Matt Tobey

Album art by Lisa D.



all rights reserved



Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Dogma
i'm a dog
i'm a boy
i'm a doggone boy

i lay at your feet
hide my teeth
i gotta another home down the street

i wear boy clothes
i smell like dirt
i'm delighted when you're hurt

i wanna be pet
i wanna leave a mess

just a doggone boy
Track Name: How You Grew Up
i grew up with a church next door
and a church right down the street
the bible was a stepping stone
but i had slippery feet

you were jehovah witness
your mama put it in your baby food
you didn't stand up for the pledge of allegiance
and you didn't play sports in school

the christian kids were the street-punk kids
rebelling against normal haircuts
singing angry songs about the price of sin
but when they closed their eyes to pray
my mind took me some place far away
away from their small minds
and out of my small mind

and if you're looking for me, god
i'm sleepin' in on sunday
Track Name: Degrees
if you say you're over me then you're a liar
i've been trying so hard to put out this fire
but i'm drunk again calling you
not sure what i'm trying to do

i had dreams about you where i woke up crying
know how you felt when you said you were dying
it's too late
now you're so far away

they say we're all connected by seven degrees
i swear it's only one when it comes to you and me
'cause everything i say and do
yet somehow leads me back to you

and i know there's things that i wanna say
but they'll probably just come out wrong anyway
now the ties that bind are frayed at the ends
so that's while i'll never come home again
because our ghosts are everywhere
laughing in my face
oh they whisper through my hair
it hurts too much to hang around
god i hate this town

i can't sleep
Track Name: Lucky Luck
everyday you wake up
you've been a lucky one
everyday you wake up
you have dead skin crusted on your eyelids

everyday you wake up
you send clouds down the drain
wasting hot water in the shower
wash it all away
stand naked and look at yourself now
you're just a beast with a name

but then you try to make it more complex
when you give it a name, ambition, and sex
we always want so much more

a good morning is when i can't feel my brain
a good morning is when i can't feel the weight of the world

everyday you wake up
lucky you
you wake up
lucky you
Track Name: Snapper's Jaw
summertime is here again
i can't tell you where i've been
swimmin with the fish again
i'm sorry

one time i saw the snapper's jaw
curved and hard and ancient
we'd swim out of water as fast as we could go
jump back in the water and curl up our big toes

god i miss the summertime
when the only things we worried about
was losing our fingers and toes

it will be here again
and it will be so easy
Track Name: Once, Twice, Etc.
i was in love once
i was in love two times
baby, baby

i thought that love was dead
but i took another step
i thought that love was dead
now i've got an owl's head
it's turning around

do you know how i feel about you?

i saw you today come through the door of my workplace
i almost dropped everything
but i just stood in place
so you could draw me in
draw me out
draw me better than i've ever been before
don't leave me behind
smash me between the pages of your life

do you know how i feel about you?
i'll do anything that you want to
Track Name: Shoplifter
i used to shoplift
fill my shit
lost my nerve
so then i quit
yeah i'd for head for the door
with my pockets full
playin it cool
i was playin it cool

i was a christian
hungry for bread
i saw it was stale
i had pizza instead
wanted the flavor
i got the doubt
and with greasy intestines
i shit it all out

i've never done the wrong thing
i just follow the feeling

i was an athlete
a real showboat
i ran round that track
till i had puke in my throat
i still got glory in my heels
yeah, i got wheels
you should see how i run away

and i was a good lover once
but my heart turned into a sail
catchin the wind from all directions
and destined to fail
i was destined to fail
i was no good
Track Name: Only Human
we're only human
'cause we can say we're something else
we can be where we are
be beyond where we are
jump through mirrors to kick ourselves
and we're only human
'cause we can want something else
cheers to us all
we've survived so well

now we think about more than just food like:
sleeping and fighting
eating and sleeping
fucking and fighting
drinking and buying
drinking and dying

how can you ask me to distance myself
from the shapes of these houses and wires overhead
challenge the lines on my face that know
how i like to worry on as i go

you'll take it to work
you're qualified for life
Track Name: Lyon
we're drinking
the ground's getting softer
you're getting softer on me

in the east the cement stays colder
you gotta dance harder to warm it up

in the east some say america's wicked
it's not wicked
it's where i live
i breathe mistrust from my government
but it's just fog on the window
it's just my breath on the window

flying by fences in the euro union
an american after election day
when you can't hide in language
you can't hide at all
so what do you have to say?

give myself time to stare out of the window
let myself go out of my body
we're driving somewhere
i'm blowing in the wind
movement is a sensational feeling
it's my feeling
Track Name: Playground
i am too eager
you're a school teacher
i spit on the playground
you made me write cursive
and stay in for recess

play you in a game of tetherball
winner take all
the sun is swinging high over my head
you know it's not fair
cry if it's a rainy day
i need my time outside to play
cry if it's a rainy day
i need hot asphalt under my feet
Track Name: Search Party
you'll have to search
in the house i grew up in
dig through the insulation
to find my prayers

you'll have to search
in the house i grew up in
check the blankets i whispered into
for my prayers

you won't find them here

sometimes i forget that i don't pray anymore
then i catch myself whispering to no one in the dark

god bless my family
and the ones who have gone before me
god give me strength that i can keep
when i know you don't hear me
Track Name: Lie With Me
lie with me
even though you're mad at me
i just wanna watch you breathe
before you walk away from me

i run around
stomping the minutes deep in the ground
if i were a bird
i'd be a crow with one wing flying circles for a song

let the sun go down
i know it's hard to endure something so slow
there's a flash of light before it goes out of sight
we'll act like we might do the same

it's been a dull morning
there's nothing good inside of me
it's just bread and tea
some aftertaste of you

there's ice on the ground
i swear it's got it in for me
when it's trying to freeze up my joints
but i've got to be free

let the sun melt it all away
make water down the sewer drain
a little river in a city street
that flows on

it flows on
and the water's cool
it flows on
you can say it's cruel
Track Name: Wanna Smoke?
do you wanna smoke again?
when i feel like
it doesn't matter
do you wanna stand up again?
though i feel like
what does it matter?

drive out of the city we live in
leave our money and tips at a restaurant
in a town with a name we can't say

today could be the day you die
and i could say it doesn't matter
your skin could rip off like animal skin
and you've see it on the roadside
it doesn't matter

oh you know you could lose your life
oh you know you could lose your mind
but fuck it all
it's partytime
you either die in a car crash or die on the front line
we die

burn your belongings
throw all your money away
try to live like jesus
there's still gas stations along the way
and everything's on sale!